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A real-time account of coping with acute grief, Breath by Breath: A Journey of Yoga & Loss explores the intersection of tragedy and spiritual practice.


After the sudden death of her beloved mother, yoga teacher and author Julie Holly, struggles with reconciling her loss with what she knows to be true: we are made from indestructible and we return to the indestructible.

An unflinching account of what happens to the human heart and soul in the early days of grief, Breath by Breath takes us from the depth of shadows and slowly, reverently returns us to the light.

A love letter to both her mother and the ancient practice of yoga, Julie shares myth, philosophy, practice and artistry through lyrical prose. She creates an indispensable resource for those on their own grief journey and those serving as yoga teachers and wellness leaders.

Breath by Breath: A Journey of Yoga & Loss

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