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Hello! I'm Julie....

Welcome to The Yoga Author blog. I'm here to introduce you to my first book, Breath by Breath: A Journey of Yoga & Loss. The book is a memoir that chronicles my acute grief after suddenly and sadly losing my beloved mother Jo-Ann.

This is my thirteenth year teaching yoga and I believe deeply in the healing effects of the practice.Even with a strong yoga practice that includes studying history and myth, pranayama, mantra, mudra and of course asana I found it difficult, in the beginning, to use any of these modalities when processing my grief. After giving myself time and inviting my primal needs and instincts to take the wheel, I slowly returned to my practice and it did and does, serve me as I continue to grieve.

The writing of the book itself was essential to my healing. I joined a community of other writers that kept me from feeling lonely and assured that I would finish my book within a year. I was able to tap into the flow of Creativity, a place that I believe, unites us with the Divine energy. Finally,writing a memoir offered the opportunity to examine my feelings and hold deep gratitude to my friends and family that are in my life during this particularly dark period.

I offer this blog as an avenue for building community. It is a place for other creatives to share ideas. It is a place for yogis to share practice and find support. It is a place for those on their grief journey to find a brave place to be vulnerable. I see you. I feel you. I am you.


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