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Early Praise for Breath by Breath....

"At once vulnerable and brave, Breath by Breath teaches us about moving through deep grief. Yoga myth and philosophy offer ways for Julie to find her breath again, especially at the peak of her grief. Heartbreaking, heart-opening and uplifting, this book is recommended whether you're grieving, teaching or supporting others through times of loss.”

—Elena Brower, bestselling author of Practice You and Softening Time

“This book encapsulates the beautiful balance of intimate rawness, personal healing, and how the ancient tools of yoga and meditation can aid us in navigating the challenging path of loss and grief. In addition, it serves as a guide to help you hold space for your heart.”

—Faith Hunter author of Spiritually Fly

“By sharing her own experience of grief, Julie Holly shows us how the tangle of emotions and reactions we experience in a time of loss are not only understandable but necessary for our healing. With an honest and often raw account of her journey through grief, Breath by Breath demonstrates how the practices of yoga can support us all, showing us how to live with our grief while not giving up on joy.”

—Susanna Harwood Rubin, author of Yoga 365: Daily Wisdom for Life On and Off the Mat & Looking at Matisse and Picasso

From the moment I started Julie's remarkable book, I was captivated, finishing it in one sitting. Her emotive storytelling evoked a rollercoaster of empathy, bringing me to tears multiple times. With a masterful touch, Julie artfully weaves the myths and teachings of yoga philosophy as a way to offer profound solace and guidance to anyone grappling with the complexities of the grieving process. Whether you've experienced loss yet or not, if you're human you will, and this book is a must read.”

—Amy Ippoliti, co-author, The Art and Business of Teaching Yoga


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